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Analog Man Guitar Effects

Here's an awesome interview on jambands.com November, 2009.

Jim's newest CD Pulse is available!

More info on buyanalogman.com. .

Percolator available in March, 2005!

Weider's PRoJECT PERCoLAToR Live at Boothbay Opera House, Boothbay, Maine - 8/5/06 Click here to purchase!

Jim Weider's new CD "Percolator" is available Now! Percolator is an all orginal "Groove" Guitar instrumental record using multi layered Guitars / Drum loops with Drums and percussion and an all Star Guest line up.... Percolator CD Features:

Jim lists each effect that he uses on each track, including his King of Tone overdrive.

To Hear Sound Samples please click on the cover ! Thanks

To ORDER CD's : call toll free (800) 937-3397
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Autographed (if requested) CD's and DVDs are also available by mail:

Moon Haw Records
P.O. Box 208
West Hurley, NY 12491

To order the CD from the USA, please send check or money order to Moon Haw Records. All outside of USA, please send International Money Order or bank check payable on US bank (in US dollars) Micro Encoded. Allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery. If requested, Jim Weider will sign your copy of the CD.
USA $15.00 US + S&H $3.50 US (Each additional CD : .50 cents extra) NY residents please add 7.75% tax
Canada $15.00 US + S&H $3.50 US (Each additional CD : .50 cents extra)
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Asia/Australia $15.00 US + S&H $9.00 US (Each additional CD : $1.00 extra) -

Get that Classic Fender sound DVD available!

In late 2003, this video was released in DVD. You can order it from buyanalogman.com along with CDs, strings, accessories, and of course pedals.

They have also released DVDs of Rockabilly 1 and 2 videos, with Levon Helm and Rick Danko. And one more, the Basic licks and classic solos for blue's guitar (which we also stock!) also features many vintage guitars and amps.

Jim Weider Band Myspace Music page

The CD REMEDY is now available on MOON HAW records!

The song Metal Jam uses the Analog Man Sun Face Fuzz extensively. It features special guests Mavis Staples, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta & Sid McGinnis{Peter Gabriel Band } Merl Saunders , Garth Hudson & Richard Bell{The Band).

Here are some samples from Metal Jam:

Metal Jam sample 1
Metal Jam Sample 2
Metal Jam Sample 3

On the song Twister you can hear the TS-808 Tube Screamer used on the Tele.

The new CD was available about 6/02, see jimweider.com for more info and more sound samples.

To order the Jim Weider Band's new album " REMEDY" See above ordering info.

Big Foot also available!

This is Jim's first Album , a blues roots rock based CD, among the rave reviews it won VINTAGE GUITAR magazine album of the year upon its release! The record features members of "THE BAND" including Rick Danko & Garth Hudson, Randy Ciarlante and Richard Bell. Also Peter Gabriel bassist Tony Levin & David Sancious, Harvey Brooks and more! Every song tells what Amp & Guitar Jim used to record with!

Song titles:

  1. Big Foot
  2. Little Miss Lover
  3. Deepest Cut
  4. New Orleans Boogie
  5. Love's Like Rain
  6. Sliding Home
  7. Deep Feeling
  8. Groove Me
  9. I'm In Love
  10. Texas Shuffle
  11. Many Rivers To Cross

Here are some more pictures that you may enjoy.

Here are Jim and Mike checking out some pedals at Analog Man. Jim had fun playing some of the cool old fuzzes like the Roland Bee Baa!

Here is another shot. Jim is playing his old refinished '53 Tele.

This picture was taken when we were building Jim's first SUN FACE, in the red FUZZFACE shell. We went through about 20 transistors to find the perfect pair. This is Jim's favorite Tele, from 1952.

Here is Jim playing at BB Kings in 1/02 on my Birthday. Looks like the '54 Tele. Mighty nice of him to set up this show for me!

This is Jim's favorite tube screamer. On the left is the original TS-808 shell which Rick Danko stepped on and broke. That TS-808 has been all around the world with Jim. Jim put the TS808 guts into a TS9 shell to make the 1st TS9/808!!!

Here is another shot of them. Jim still uses his old TS-808 in the TS9 box for some shows, for others he uses a reissue TS9 that we have modified to TS808 specs. Since we came out with the King Of Tone, Jim's old tube screamers have been gathering dust.

Interview with Jim

Hittin' The Web (Allman Brothers site mostly) did an excellent interview with Jim, Check it out!

Tonequest interviews Jim!!!

Here is Tone Quest Magazine from December, 2002 with Jim on the cover. There is a great article about Jim and also one on the Analog Man Sunface. Read the interview it in PDF format!

Jim Weider Band with Sid McGinnis, June 2004

Here are some pictures and a little info on their shows at the Foxwoods Casino and Newport, RI.

Jim Weider Band II with Tony Levin, June 2005

Mountain Jam was held at Hunter Mountain in New York, here are some pictures I took.

Jim's Project Percolator played at Levon Helm's studio for a great show on 11/12/05. Here are some pictures.

Here is an excellent interview article with Jim from modernguitars.com online guitar magazine.

Project Percolator played in Natick Mass in March 2006 Here are some pictures.

Jim with Rick Danko.

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