Analog Man Phone Contact Information

PLEASE do not call for info on the KOT list.

We cannot spend time on the phone dealing with the list, or we would get no orders out. We can only deal with the list by emailing us at

Phoning us

We now have someone who should be able to answer the phone from 2pm to 5pm EST. We can check shipping status, but best for you to check the status and find a link to the tracking number yourself first, by logging onto Someone on the phone can advise on stock availability, mod info, basic tech questions and pedal choices. But we will probably ask you to email Analogmike if you have any questions that only Mike can answer (custom work, special prices, to get repair referrals, etc). Mike never uses the phone as it would not allow him to finish his daily work, he prefers email as it's much more efficient.

If the machine picks up during the day, please call back in an hour. If the phone keeps ringing we are on the phone with someone else (call waiting) so please call back later. We don't have much time to return phone calls as we are an internet based business, so I do not recommend leaving a message on our answering machine.

Unlike answering machine messages, we DO answer EVERY email, if you don't get a reply then we did not get your email.

Email us at as that will usually get through.

Phone number

Phone USA +1 (203) 778-6658,

Want to visit the shop?

If you want to stop by our shop to pick something up or check something out, best to email for an appointment. Let me know what you would like to buy or see as most pedals are shipped after we build them and not on the shelf. We don't like to give directions by phone, as it always causes too much confusion so best to get our detailed email directions and policies for shop visit. Email me with SHOP VISIT in the subject line and I will reply right back with all the info you need to make an appointment and there will be no misunderstandings.


For info about the book, please don't call here, as Tom is not at our shop he takes care of the book. d

Thank you for allowing us to serve the maximum amount of customers in the most efficient and thoughtful manner possible.

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