Dave Malone and the Radiators, 9-Jan-2004

Dave came to my town again on the coldest day of the year, just like when he came last year, very odd... They played at Tuxedo Junction where I have seen many great shows over the years. I had gotten a new King of Tone pedal to him for his News Eve shows at BB Kings in NYC and was excited to be able to hear it on stage. I also had a Z Vex pedal to return to him after I replaced a switch on it.

Here is a part of one of Dave's two pedalboards, the one on his left. On the left of the picture is his old TS9/808 which he has used and abused for years. Next it runs into the King Of Tone, his (and our!) newest pedal. Then our Clone Chorus, then a Boss DD5 delay. The wet signal runs into a Dr. Z amp and the dry into a Buddah. He also uses a leslie effect which sits on the amps, I think an H & K rotosphere.

Dave has another pedalboard on his right with a fuzzface or our sunface, our Boss DS-1/pro, and a VOX V-847 wah that we modified a few years back, with true bypass, some Teese parts (inductor and rocpot) and some HEAVY DUTY touring mods. He runs into that board before this one, both are powered by pedalpower2 units as seen in this picture.


Here is Dave wailing on his Gold Tele. It seems to have standard Tele style pickups in it.


Here is Dave on his relic Strat with Lindy Fralin pickups. I loved the clean sound of this guitar!! You need a good starting tone to get the best tones out of our pedals. It sounded AWESOME with the clone chorus which he left on for several songs. It also sounded great with the King Of Tone, you could hear the true tone of the guitar. He used the yellow (clean) mode for some parts just to get the volume up for clean leads and fills. He also used the RED (overdrive) channel for leads, including running it along with the TS9/808 for super thick yet tasty sounds!


Here is the Tele again (I used flash by mistake, whoops, but it allows seeing his face!)

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