I first became aware of Jon Butcher when he played with the Jon Butcher Axis near my college in the early 80s in the Northeast. I was excited when he contacted me about a Sunface in early 2008. After he got it, I received the following note which really made my day:

Dear Mike,
I received your package of Analog Man t-shirt and Sun Face NKT, thank you for the too cool t-shirt, I'm wearing it right now and my wife Lory is SO jealous! Since opening the package I've been playing the pedal more or less non-stop, discovering it's live and recording potential, compatibility with my rig and guitar etc. Let me say now it has met and exceeded my expectations.

As someone not of 'Generation X' I've personally owned, used and sold more vintage gear than I care to remember. Counted among that gear list would be all manner of vintage wahs and pedals of every description including several original Fuzz Face's, Vox Tone Bender's, you name it [having been 'around the block' is a dubious distinction at best, LOL ! ].

So it was with a slightly jaundiced eye that I plugged in the Sun Face NKT for the first time. Not unlike the enduring David Gilmore [ who I claim NO billing with ] these ears know well what they wanna hear. Others more skilled than I have reviewed the Sun Face NKT on various forums or in print media and commented on its utter perfection- classic fuzz sounds, responsive dynamics and attack. Articulation and CLARITY.

With all the accolades and rave reviews written about your stuff in general-and the Sun Face NKT in particular it's understood that my humbly offered words of gratitude and appreciation won't rank high in the general scheme of things, but they're offered with sincerity nonetheless.

I have NEVER enjoyed a pedal effect more than I have the Sun Face NKT, unless you count my very first Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face which I got at Manny's Music in NYC in 1969, this while in my last year of elementary school. It was inspired after seeing the original Jimi Hendrix Experience play in Philadelphia during Axis: Bold As Love. Needless to say the event was for me- life altering.

Mike, that memory has lasted all the way to here. Thank you sincerely for making a superlative piece of gear and for bringing that sweet memory back to view in living color. I am now and shall remain your stalwart friend and supporter.

Warm regards,

Jon Butcher
Atom Records
Domino Effect Mgt.
Los Angeles, CA 91342

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