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Nice job on the Clone Chorus. Simple yet elegant. It does everything I would want a chorus to do and does it well. Allow me to recap...

First off, nice job on the construction. I'm no tech by any means but it feels like it's built like a tank and everything on the inside looks snug and secure.

As far as tone, there is no unusable sound at any setting. Playing clean into two different amps (an Oahu and a JCM 800 combo), I was able to dial in:

1. a nice transparent ambient-type chorus (speed and depth buttons set low). It gave my sound some space but wasn't intrusive in the sense that one could hear a chorus effect.

2. a nice, shimmering lush chorus (with depth setup between 1:00 and max and at various speeds up to 2:00). What I like about the Clone is that the sound is very lush but musical.

3. Leslie simulator. Nice job. I don't use this that much but you saved me from getting another Rotosphere. It does what I want it to do. Plus, I have the ability to control the top speed (which can't be done on the Rotosphere).I am very pleased with the Clone Chorus. I've had limited experiences with other chorus pedals but I can say from what I've heard, this one will hold its own with the others (i.e. ChoralFlange, SCF, CE-1, CE-2).

I have several high-end chorus boxes and am fairly hard to please. Early impressions are that yours will be the most practical, best all around choice for me. Quiet, nice "clang", good faux - leslie sounds, very versatile, and most importantly... not gooey and cheesy sounding like some chorus units!Great box, and another super-fast turnaround time for delivery. AnalogMan scores again.

I had a Boss Chorus pedal a few year ago and I just gave up on it because it sounded so sterile and flimsy, like that 80's Roland Jazz Chorus rock... I ended up casting the Boss pedal out into the corn field (Ebay) and vowed that I'd never own a chorus pedal again.

But now, after playing through your Clone Chorus, I've been born again. Thanks for the great pedal. I will use it and cherish it always.

And now I'm going to write David Orick and tell him how much I love his Orick 8-pound vacuum. And then I'm going to write the fine folks over at Joint-ritus.

Btw, had my first rehearsal with the band since I got the Chorus Clone. It was so funny, because the first comment anyone in the bad had about it was the drummer (!) who said "that thing soounds great! It's really *transparent*"...I almost lost it right then and there! know it's good when the drummer makes a comment like that ! Next stop Bi-Comp...

I just wanted to let you know that the Clone smokes!!! I love this thing.I rehearsed with the band last night and I used it for my clean sounds with awesome result , but when I tried it with my lead tone,WOW it was a major kick in the ass! The guys couldn't believe the tone that I was getting.Oh,the Leslie sound?....Unbelievable! There are so many usable settings with this thing that I'm going to be quite busy with it for a long time.Thank You!

I used it this sunday at church leading worship with the sparkle drive in front, and the clone set as a vibrato, followed by an analog delay while using a volume pedal to stymie the attack and give me pipe organ swells. It was really really fantastic. This chorus manages to almost double the sound or create a three dimensional feel, especially with the amp being mic'd. As the tune picked up into a straight rock beat I went into the opening riff, note for note of Floyd's "run like hell", and this clone clone hit the mark man. Its really kind of funny cuz nobody but the ex-stoners know what I'm playing and we all just kinda smile. To God be the Glory! :) I mean He created Dave Gilmore right? :)

Got my pedal today and I couldn't be more pleased! Very fat sounding and just what I was hoping for. I 've been using a T.C. up till now and was very unhappy with the chorus sound....very thin and so transparent you couldn't really hear it on the gig. I can't imagine that with your pedal. the T.C. also screwed with my sound when it was off because of the buffer amp (I guess) which seemed to accentuate the high end of my guitar (plus an annoying hum which I could never track down). I had to use it because of the leslie thing (which it does pretty well in pitch modulation setting) but now I've got all that covered! The attention to details like the neat black pointer knobs, the finish, the little cloth bag and the inclusion of a nice alkaline battery is so cool.....

received it today. Verrry nice box . . . very warm tone. I've been using a Voodoo Labs chorus pedal for the past two years. Not a bad unit, but it adds high end to the signal and sounds a tad metallic and noisy. Additionally, it popped quite objectionably when activating the processed signal. The Clone Chorus avoids that sin, very warm and smooth tone.

I received my Clone Chorus today. I am very impressed. I had one of your earlier models and loved it but this newer model... WOW! Correct me if I'm wrong, maybe the pedals just differ in general but, this pedal sounds warmer and fuller than the earlier model. I also LOVE the exterior, there ain't a better looking pedal out there, I have never heard a chorus that even comes close to this one.. especially with the ts9 modded pedals I have from you, this clone seems to lend itself real well with the ts9's, real nice sound blended together. Thanks for getting it to me so fast! Oh yeah, I also love the bypass, much better!! Thanks Mike for doing quality work... Kevin

Mike!!! You are the man! The Clone Clone is the best damn chorus I have ever heard, pedal or rack. I'm so tired from being up all night playing with it. Even my wife loves it. The sound just jumps out at you. Very smooth and lush. I had all but given up on chorus. It's rare that a pedal inspires me to play my butt off, but the Clone Clone is just such a pedal. This is a vast improvement over the Small Clone. I may be ordering another in the near future as there are so many sounds to be found in this pedal that one pedal may not cut it live. Thanks for making such a fine fine pedal. I cant wait for my CompROSSor to get here.

Finally got to try my new Clone live at a gig this past weekend. It sounds SPECTACULAR! Very warm and lush. Does not get lost in the mix, which is a BIG deal for a chorus. I like it much better than the TC ELECTRONICS chorus pedal and the tc 2290 rack that I used for many years, much less the other brands I have used that all seem like junk now. It just sounds...nice! I spent much of the night fiddling with the rate and depth controls and finding all these cool sounds. I LOVE the fact that I can adjust these with my feet while playing, thanks to the large knobs!! Brilliant! I had more fun than I can ever remember with a chorus pedal!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Bi-Chorus this past Friday afternoon, and I got to try it out in a jam I had planned on attending that very same evening. I just wanted to say congratulations and Thank You, for making a top notch great sounding and looking chorus pedal. During the jam, I got to compare it to a couple of other very nice boutique chorus pedals, and all present agreed that your AnalogMan chorus was the warmest, lushest sounding, and by far the most versatile.

Whats great about the Bi-Chorus, is that while the great sounding Small Clone pedigree is apparent, it is so much more than a Small Clone or copy of any pedal. Your pedal was the only one, of all of the chorus pedals present, capable of emulating most of the classic chorus sounds, but yours was the only one that had the ability to create it's own unique sounds. This, is what seperates the AnalogMan chorus, from all others. This is hard to describe, but your chorus seems to have more complexity to it's tone. The ears are so pleasantly massaged by the sonic components of your chorusing effect, particularly the higher speed settings with the deep switch engaged to the right. In our experience this is usually the Achilles heel of most other chorus pedals, to the point where we usually avoid those types of settings, but not so with the Bi-Chorus. In addition of all the chorus pedals at the jam, the Bi-Chorus was definitely the biggest sounding, and hands down capable of more usable tones, and inspired the most creativity out of the guys. I am still loving the Beano Boost I recently purchased and I am in need of a good fuzz pedal, so I will be saving up for your Sunface fuzz next.

Mike, once again Thanks for a great product and I wish you all the best.

For about five minutes I was panicking checking my Marshall wondering why it suddenly sounded like a vasectomy gone wrong! I was turning the bass up, checking cables, switching channels, nothing! Finally I think - hmm, I'm not using my own pedal board, and that chorus pedal, I wonder... so I shut it off and BANG the tone is back immediately. I am so spoiled to have owned one of your chorus pedals for a couple years now and this is even more proof that I will never go back to anything else. It's a simple concept - I play a Les Paul with a Marshall half stack, and I like the sound, and just want to have chorusing with it, and your pedal does it. The other one sucked the tone into oblivion - I mean, $5000 worth of glorious guitar testicular crunchness and that little piece of crap made it sound like a wounded chihuahua. On the complete other end, your chorus pedal leaves all the inherent tone there and adds a nice blue powdercoat of attitude! Thanks again for all the outstanding work. More appreciated now than ever! Anxiously counting the days until I get to the top of the King of Tone wait list!

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