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Bass Guitar Clips

The following clips are from Mark Olson, here's his band's myspace page, The Jeremy Rowe Band - myspace.com/jeremyrowe

Here is a clip of the Bass Beano Boost soundclick bass beano boost

Here is a clip of the NKT275 sunface with high gain option with a Gibson SG Bass and Ampeg amp, fuzz cranked:

Here is the Silicon Sun Face, he likes it with the internal volume trimpot turned down a bit:

Mark says:

Unfortunately these clips don't properly show the girth, openness, and sheer power of the sound I'm hearing when I play these pedals through my rig, but let me tell you your Sun Face has more balls than any pedal I've ever played, and there have been MANY thousands of dollars worth of those!

I've also got one of your Mini Choruses with the Deep Mod that I use on bass. Excellent pedal! Check it out with a Fender Jazz Bass and Ampeg amp.

Here is kind of a jazzy, cool chorus:


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