Analog Man Tube Screamer Collection

Here are some pedals a few of my friends brought over so we could compare the various TS-808 models.

Below are ten TS-808s of various years. The one on the left is the narrow European version with the screw on metal bottom.


Below we have added some ST-9 pedals. The Super Tube Screamer. These are very rare and mostly found in Europe.


Below are most of the Ibanez Tube screamer family. The oldest is the Orange OVERDRIVE in the bottom right. Next is the Overdrive-II which is next to it (2 versions, one in a TS-808 style box). Then we have a bunch of TS-808 pedals including the narrow one on the left in the middle row. The narrow one is in the same box type as the Orange and early green overdrives. After the TS-808 came the TS9 and the SD-9 super distortion which can be seen at the bottom left. The ST-9 Super Tube screamer came out in Europe in '83 or '84, there are six of those seen in the top row. The TS-10 tube screamer came out in the 80s, you can see two of those on the top left.



Here is a new reissue TS9 pedal that we RELIC'd for a customer. It was a lot of work, not sure if we can offer this option as a normal mod but it was an interesting study!

Here is another shot of it. Did we do enough damage? :-)

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