Warwick RockCase RC23000 Pedal Board

(pedals not included)

Price $106, only shipping in USA (too expensive to ship out of the usa)

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Warwick RockCase RC23010 Pedal Board

Aluminum Gigboard Case

Color: aluminum 


60 x 40 x 10 cm (23.6" x 15.7" x 3.9") 
Weight: 2.5 (5.5 lbs)
Total weight 16 pounds shipped

Aluminum Gigboard

rugged effect pedal case for the use on the road 
aluminum case with aluminum extrusions and chrome corners 
nickel-plated steel spring handle with transparent PVC cover 
solid hinges 
lockable snap-locks 
interior covered with soft Velcro 
the included self-adhesive Velcro tape allows secure mounting of effects and quick & easy reconfiguration of the setup 
removable lid, interior padded with foam 
PVC feet

Price $121 
Too expensive to ship overseas, only for USA sale.

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Warwick Gigboard 23100

Warwick gigboard, large, for 6-8 pedals, Rockbag included, 100V, 115V, 220V 230 V.
Built-in power supply, five 9V and one 12 V connectors, universal 9/12 V connection cable set included.
Connectors for 2.1/3.5 mm (.08/.14") and battery clip for connection to all common effect devices.
Two integrated loops allow simultaneous connection of effect pre-amps as well as in the effect loop of the amp itself, or channel switching without the need for reconfiguration with each new installation.
Velcro fasteners allow simple access to the device.
strong, water-resistant Rok Tex material
2 padded, removable backpack straps with Shoulder-Saving-System on the RB 23100 B/B
1 removable shoulder strap with shoulder padding and cell phone pocket on the RB 23110 B/B padded handle 1 long external pouch

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