Robotalk pedal is here!

The Robotalk is based on the famous Oberheim Voltage controlled filter which was also sold as the Maestro filter sample and hold. It is a cool envelope follower with a second mode. This mode is "sample and hold" and sounds like a synthesizer's sample and hold, similar in sound to the Z.Vex ooh wah. The Robotalk is actually THREE effects in one as it has an added LO-PASS filter mode which allows controlling the frequency range with an expression pedal! This makes it into a cool filtery-sounding wah. List price is $280, we are selling them for $252. Power jacks (it uses two jacks, they must be seperate supplies or 2 outputs from PP2) are a $30 option, email for ordering.

Here is a Quicktime Movie of Paul Jackson, Jr demonstrating the robotalk.

Here is a great Quicktime Movie of Michael Ward demonstrating the ROBOTALK.

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