Analog Man Pedal Repair Order Form

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$15 Add LED Red, Ylw, Grn, Blue
$15 Add Boss type power Jack
$3 new Battery clip installed
$5 new replacement 1/4" input or output jack
$10 Add extra 1/4" jack (ex: 2nd output jack)
$25 each Special Wah pot or Fasel inductor
$15 New 9vDC power supply
$5 or 2/$7 Keychain bottle opener, LP or Strat
$20 FUZZ! movie DVD
$10 TShirt s/m/L/XL Red/Blu/Blk
$3 Analog Man Koozie can cooler, or 2/$5
(Analog Man use only)

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and order correct cltd
checked if pedal OK before work
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Mike OK'd for final test/ship
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Please print the above now on one page if possible (BE GREEN!) and include a copy with your pedal, after filling out the form boxes. Internet Explorer prints on one page best. The PRINT button may not work with older browsers, then please select File Print or press CONTROL-P in your browser. See below for shipping information.







Please send a money order (postal or bank money order) for the total above, made out to "Míke Píera". Or if it's easier, just put $US cash in the battery compartment, it will be OK. No checks, please, as I don't want to hold your pedal until a check clears, but Wells Fargo or Webster Bank checks are fine. Please send the pedal and $$ to :

Analog Man
1 Garella Road, Unit D
Bethel, CT 06801

Use this ad dress for fastest service. You can send a small pedal by US Priority mail, they can even provide a folding box you can use (put in lots of balled up newspaper or bubble wrap all around the pedal). UPS or FEDEX are fine too. From overseas please use Air Mail service, not UPS or FEDEX or other private companies, to avoid making us pay ridiculous customs and brokerage fees.
*** We will REFUSE any package that comes in from out of the USA by UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc!!! We'll complete your work within a few days (normally 2-3 days).

Regards, mike ~^v^~ aNaLoG.MaN ~^v^~ vintage guitar effects