Namm show 1/21/2006

Anaheim (LA), CA

Analog Man

I finally had a chance to get out to the NAMM show to meet up with many people who I have been meaning to meet for years. We did not have time to put a booth together, would have never been able to catch up with orders if we spent that much time for a show. So I just went out for one day, Saturday, and got to see most of what I wanted to see. I brought my girls out to CA and they hung out with a friend while I was at the show and we went to Disney Sunday.

My first stop was to see Kevin "BONES" from Godlyke, who we have been getting our Maxon pedals from for a few years. I have known him for years, he has been collecting vintage pedals for as long as I have and bought a bunch from me before he got in the business. He showed me a new OD9 pro and some cool cheap Nobels pedals.

My next stop (also near the entrance) was to see Dave Koltai at Pigtronix, where I also met up with my buddy Steve Daniels from Small Bear Electronics. I had already met these guys and was interested in seeing the new Pigtronix pedals.


Next stop was the Z Vex booth where there were a lot of people to meet. Zachary was busy doing demos but I finally got ahold of him. Their theme was "get in bed with Z Vex" so we posed in their bed in the rear of the booth.

quote : ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I also met Amada from Z Vex and Alfonso Hermida for the first time. Amada handles orders for Z Vex and sometimes we get what we ordered ;)

Alfonso has been working with Analog Man since we started, helping out with the comprossor and chorus initial designs before he started making his own awesome effects.

I also met up with Dmitry, our Russian distributor, who also distributes Z Vex. He is quite amazing and very interesting, trying to sell expensive pedals in Russia and doing a fine job.

The Analog Guys were also roaming the show, since Thursday, so I gave them their custom T shirts. One for Analog Tom and one for Tony Scramber (a bit scrambled).

It was a fun show, also met up with our Roland/Boss rep, my racing buddy Jol Dantzig from Hamer, Lucinda (who lives about a mile from my shop but I never see her!) and her guitarist, Jon Levin from Dokken who jams with us sometimes, Mitch Colby from Marshall who I often hang out with in Woodstock, Mike and Owen Matthews from EH, Toshio Horiba and Yuki Kurokawa from Prosound Communication USA and Japan, our Japanese distributor, and many many more. Wish I had time to look at the other booths, need at least two days next time.
Hope to see you there next year!

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