Bob Sweet Cancer Treatment Auction

Bob makes the awesome Sweet Sound Ultra vibes, Mojo vibes and several cool fuzz pedals. He recently was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his throat which requires immedate treatment. With no health insurance, this is devastating so some of us in the business have set up some auctions to help out. Here is a link to other auctions

I visited Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on their first stop of the 2008 tour in Hartford. I brought a compressor pedal for Steven Van Zant, and Nils has also been using the same pedal. Nils was kind enough to sign a pedal for this auction and also donated three of his CDs and a DVD:

Here is a clip of Nils on youtube playing Piano and singing the beautiful song "Believe", recorded at Neil Young's second annual bridge school benefit concert in 1988.



Here are the CDs:

Damaged Goods CD:

Sacred Weapon CD:

Nils Lofgren Band Live CD:

And his DVD Nils Lofgren & Friends from 2006:

Sunlion Pedal

See my website for more information on the SUNLION which is our Sunface NKT on one side and a Beano Boost on the other side, two pedals in one box. This is the last SunLion we will make with this original look and hand wired circuitry. They are just too hard to build this way so we will be coming up with a new version later this year.

Thank you for your help in getting Bob through this difficult time.

Regards, mike ~^v^~ aNaLoG.MaN ~^v^~ guitar effects

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