CC2 speed controller pedal info from Dave Fox 3/02

The "old" CC Provibe pedal scheme is the same as the original univibe and authentic vibe clones, like the Ultravibe. It's because they use the same exact circuit. It's that annoying configuration where you need a dual pot and the wipers get tied together. Any vibe maker will tell you this is a pain in the ass. With CC2, I used the original circuit, but I decided to use a pair of photocells instead of the dual pot. And I put a square LED right on top of the photocells, shining straight down. So to control speed, you vary the brightness of the LED by using a potentiometer configured as a standard variable voltage divider. This set up works out well. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than the standard vibe set up, where most of the speed increase happens in the last 30% of the pedal's travel. And the ability to set the max speed with the SPEED pot gives you control that no other vibe can offer.

A regular expression pedal does the job. Here's how it's configured:

Pedal jack -
Three connections, Tip Ring and Sleeve.

Tip - To Pot Wiper, center lug of pot
Ring - 9 Volts, DC To Pot top connection
Sleeve - Ground, to Pot bottom connection

There are various ways to get the connections over to the pedal. You can use a stereo 1/4 cable, or a "send/return" cable that has a stereo 1/4" that branches out to two mono 1/4" plugs. Also, there are several off-the-shelf pedals that will work. Here's some more info -

If you make one and the pedal is working in reverse it is most likely because you have the outer connections switched. Also, in order to get the best range you might need to tweak the rotational setting of the pot gear. You have to loosen the plastic thing.